Pond dipping in the sunshine with Wimbledon Common Nature Club

16-wi-nature-club-max-johnson-tracey-pearce-2016 credit auriel

Families enjoyed a sunshine filled morning of pond dipping at Wimbledon Common hosted by a nature club.

Supported by the London Wildlife Trust, the Wimbledon Common Nature Club opened the morning of Sunday, April 3, with a short talk about what the pond dipping session would involve and what they hoped to find.

The group of eager pond dippers were not disappointed from their findings.

“We found Cased Caddisfly, Diving Beetles, Damselfly Larvae, Ramshorn Snails, a Greater Water Boatman, tadpoles and lots of frog spawn,” said Wimbledon Nature Club leader Auriel Glanville.

“We had a lovely morning. We found so many creatures in 7 Post Pond which is a really good indicator of the good quality of water there.”

One of the attendees was seven year-old Max Johnson who said: “This is my first pond dip and I really love the nature club.”

The next activity session hosted by the club will be called General Botany under the Microscope and will be taking place on Sunday, May 1 for six to 14 year-olds.

Hosted by Dennis Fullwood, the session will run from 10am to 12pm and will be taking place at the Information Centre in Wimbledon Common.

Wimbledon Guardian

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